Terms of service

Please read carefully Don’t Ignore it. We are making this rule only for the spammer. because a lot of client Miss use us Services. If you are not a spammer then don’t Worry we always support good client and also provide 24×7 Support.

Web Hosting Policy

We are providing the cheapest web hosting and we have some policy about this we are not allowed to using this hosting for spam, 18+ Content, nulled, or make any kind of spamming work. we suspend your hosting immediately.We are allowed to create a normal website. Because lots of Clients use the Cheapest Hosting in Spamming Means Create a Phishing Website or Bot Website and Do some Illegal activity and Google is sending to our IP in spam and all user is affected its this is the reason we are making a hard rule for it.

Technical Support

We are providing Technical support 24×7. We are providing technical support only for our hosting issue if you download any script and the script is not working we are check and decide this problem is making my our hosting or script. If Hosting Problem We solve it’s within 30min hours. We are Solve any kind of problem Within 24 hours Because it depends on the problem but we are trying to solve it under 30min. We are trying to solve your problem fast as soon as possible. if you buy premuim support then we are only try to solve your problem by anydesk remote system. we are not provide developer support.

DNS Change

If you change any kind of DNS record or nameserver it takes by default 24 Hours to Change all DNS and Nameserver. But Don’t Worry for it’s we are trying to update it under 15 min.

Monthly Hosting Plans Renewal policy


In monthly hosting plans we generate the due invoice before 14 days of the due date. you must pay the due payment before the due date. If you don't paid the invoice we will send overdue invoices for three times to your email. The inovice must be paid within 7 days after the due date otherwise your account will be suspended.
Finally this is the last chance to keep your data/account safe. When you don't paid the inovoice for 12 days your account/website will be terminated and your data will be deleted.
So avoid this termination please pay the invoice at given time.
We have all the rights to suspend or terminate your account if the user don't paid to the invoice for more than 12 days.

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